Capt. Scott Sparrow and Ryan Sparrow, Flyfishing Guides

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All good things come by grace, and grace come by art, and art does not come easy."
(Norman MacClean,
A River Runs Through It)

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Flyfishing is an art form of the highest order—a way for an individual to express himself genuinely in a world full of vicarious and virtual pleasures. It is a demanding sport, in which mastery arrives only after considerable frustration and failure. As Lord Cecil said in Faithful Travelers, "It's the damned difficulty that makes the fun."

I began flyfishing when I was 12 on the ponds of south Texas without any mentoring or instruction, so I know that desire and practice is the best teacher. When I was 22, I took my fly rod down to the Laguna Madre and casted homespun topwater flies to tailing redfish. I didn't know another soul who had ever flyfished on my home waters. Today, the Lower Laguna has a following of men and women who value the estuary as a world class fly fishery, as "the best there is in saltwater," as one well-known flyfishing authority once asserted.

My son Ryan Sparrow is an apprentice guide working with me to provide the highest quality flyfishing services. He began flyfishing the Lower Laguna when he was 16, and has been a purist ever since. He is a Texas Master Naturalist, and has a deep love for the estuary, and the flora and fauna of south Texas. We work together when there is a single client, which greatly increases the quality of our work.

We offer full and half days, and a special Master Flyfishing Instruction day, that lasts from dawn to dusk, and culminates in a wine and cheese celebration.

Capt. Scott Sparrow
Co-founder of Kingfisher Inn
Flyfishing Instructor
(956) 367-2337

I have been associated with Randy Cawlfield for years as co-owners of Kingfisher Flyfishing Company. We continue to work closely together, but have started our own websites due to having our sons join us in our guiding work. You can reach him at, where he will soon have his own website up and running. Thanks, Scott